About us

Located in the province of Limburg, active throughout Belgium.

We are Envicas, and together we can move mountains. We provide consultancy services in the fields of the environment, safety and energy. We get straight to the heart of the matter, where we look not only at technical and legal aspects, but the tactical and strategic approach. Our emphasis is on being personal and thorough. The high degree of specialisation of our employees, combined with their willingness to help each other, is your guarantee for high-quality service.

  • Expertise 90% 90%
  • Transparency 80% 80%
  • Quality 85% 85%
  • Analysis 80% 80%

Our aim

The customer comes first.

Envicas - Sustainable solutions

To search for sustainable solutions for our customers, where commercial and economic considerations go hand-in-hand with honest respect for the world around us.

Envicas - Flawless cooperation

To work together on creating a more attractive, cleaner and safer environment.

Envicas - High-quality advice

To provide high-quality advice tailored to the customer.

What we do?

We are at ease in all areas.


We are the people to turn to with all your questions regarding the environment, and can provide you with clear answers and turnkey solutions tailored to your company’s needs.


Our specialists can help you set up and implement an appropriate policy on well-being. We offer a systematic, effective approach to avoiding accidents, in accordance with current legislation.


With the world facing increasing energy consumption and global warming, responsible energy consumption is a major challenge for businesses and private individuals. Our energy experts can help you take the right measures and decisions when it comes to energy.