On 1 September 2015, Envicas and the occupational health service CESI entered into a strategic collaboration. This partnership between the two organisations has diversified the range of professional services (consultancy and training) in the field of environmental and energy management, and occupational safety. It has created a new emphasis on well-being at work, ecology, and sustainable development.

CESI is an external service for prevention and protection at work. The organization carries out its tasks within the framework established by the law of 4 August 1996.
It provides guidance to companies and organizations in the management of their prevention policies, provides training and proposes performance to improve the well-being of employees, especially in the field of health monitoring and risk management. The organization saw the light in 1968, on the initiative of a group of employers who were aware of the importance of well-being at work. Today, 18.000 companies call on its services. These companies, in both the government and the private sector, employ 211.000 employees.