Envicas - Energy


Envicas - EPB


Our accredited EPB advisers guide you through the wilderness of EPB rules and exceptions.
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Envicas - EPC


An energy performance certificate (EPC) indicates how energy-efficient a building is.
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Envicas - Blower door test (airtightness tests)

Blower door test (airtightness tests)

A blower door test should measures the airtightness of a building or helps to improve it in the construction phase.
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Envicas - Ventilation report

Ventilation report

In the EPB-start declaration is intended to new housing and major energetic renovations to be accompanied by a ventilation draft.
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Envicas - Infrared thermography

Infrared thermography

Every object emits infrared radiation. A thermal imaging camera converts this radiation into electrical signals which are used to build up a visible image.
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